South Sound freedom fences
South Sound freedom fences
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    We are glad you stopped by! We are a Federal 501(c)3 we are 100% donation and volunteer based. Please Donate today.

    Mission Statement

    South Sound Freedom Fences builds fences for dogs who live on chains or are in danger of being chained. This is done free of charge for the dogs family. We believe that most dog owners have good intentions and with the right amount of education and assistance, the dog will thrive and have an improved quality of life. 

    About Us

    Unchaining the Spirit

    We believe that every dog deserves a SAFE unchained life. Some owners need a little extra education or coaching on what life on a chain does to their sweet pooch. Sometimes it's as easy as explaining the long lasting effects of a chain or tether, a repair to an existing fence and other times it's building a complete fence from the ground up. These services are provided free of charge to the family. We think it is best to help the family improve the dogs life, rather than try to remove a dog and allow him to become another shelter statistic.

     Although we would love to help EVERY dog, program requirements are based on income, ability/willingness to spay and neuter, location, availability of funds and volunteers.

     *If you belive a dog is being abused or neglected, please contact your cities animal control agency.

    You ARE the change.

    Volunteers are the core of our future. We have no paid staff, each person that comes to build a fence offers a love that is next to none. None of our volunteers are fence builders as a profession, we come from all walks of life! You'll feel right at home with friendly dog lovers, completing the same mission!

    How YOU matter!

    Do you know a dog on a chain? Click here!

     We try to respond to requests with 14 days. Since we are all volunteers, we ask that you be patient, priority is given to request from animal control agencies. (Dogs are required to be spayed and/or neutered to be eligible to receive a fence.Consideration WILL not be given to unaltered dogs with owner applications.)

      Due to the overwhelming request for help, response times can be 6-8 weeks.) 

    Press Coverage

    Ted Land of King 5 did this great story on us, feel free to check it out!

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    Since we are all volunteers, we will  resond to emails as soon as possible!